Semi Permanent Makeup

What is the difference between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup?

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Permanent Makeup can be called a number of things, including Semi Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing. The truth is they all refer to the same thing, there is no difference. The confusion usually comes between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup. The pigments are permanent and once they are implanted under the skin they will remain in the skin, the colour will never fully disappear.

However, overtime and exposure to the elements, especially the sun, our skin cells break down causing the pigments to disperse, so as our skin cells are replaced, this results in the appearance of the pigments looking more faded. The rate that this takes place varies with each individual person, depending on several factors including their skin type, lifestyle and external factors like exposure to the elements, especially the sun and also aftercare of the Permanent Makeup.

This is the reason why a colour boost is recommended from time to time, to maintain the clarity and definition of your Permanent Makeup. Time between colour boosts varies according to the factors mentioned above.