Redhead Eyebrows


by Natural Definitions

Redhead Eyebrows - Permanent makeup kent

Redhead Eyebrows

Natural red, auburn, ginger or strawberry blondes tend to have quite fair eyebrows.

Whether you want to match your eyebrows to your hair colour or create a subtle new colour, custom blended to suit your skin tone and complexion is completely up to you.

It is extremely difficult to get a perfect match with ordinary cosmetic brow pencil, the colours become much more limited for the red/auburn market and it can be an almost impossible daily task trying to achieve the natural looking brows that you feel happy with. There is nothing worse than brows that look “drawn on” or clown like.

Semi Permanent makeup is the solution to this problem.

You can have natural looking well defined brows, matched to your exact hair colour and skin tone giving you beautiful bespoke symmetrical brows that will never smudge leaving you with a fresh and more defined appearance.