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Semi Permanent Makeup can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. It can save you time, take years off your appearance and look like you have professionally applied natural looking makeup 24/7. However, it can be a little daunting if you are unsure of what it is and what will happen before, during and after treatment.

On this page I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Permanent Makeup, also referred to as Semi Permanent makeup, micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, and my aim is to give you some honest answers to help you understand more about Semi Permanent Makeup. If you have any further questions that I have not already covered here, please feel free to contact me.

General Questions

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi Permanent make up is a non-surgical process of implanting pigments into the shallow dermal layers of the skin to create or enhance a cosmetic appearance and which lasts for a long period of time.

Why would you choose to have Semi Permanent Makeup?

There are a number of reasons why clients decide to have Semi Permanent Makeup:

  • To save time, If you have a busy lifestyle and want beautifully symmetrical brows liner and lips that look natural and professionally applied day and night without having to spend ages on a rigorous makeup routine, then Semi Permanent Makeup will be perfect for you. You will have perfect makeup even when you go swimming, or do any other kind of aerobic sport that induces perspiration, without your makeup smudging or running.
  • To create a more youthful appearance, by recontouring your brow shape, lifting the arch and defining the tails, or redefining your lip line, you can enhance your natural features giving you a more youthful look without the need for cosmetic surgery.
  • Sensitive Clients, The pigments we use are hypo-allergenic so they are perfect for clients who have allergies to conventional makeup.
  • Confidence boosting, Cosmetic Tattooing can help clients suffering with hair loss due to Alopecia or Chemotherapy.
  • Health issues, Semi Permanent Makeup can help clients with conditions that cause tremors in their hands which make the application of makeup almost impossible, and also clients with diminishing eyesight that can’t see to apply their makeup can benefit hugely from Semi Permanent Makeup.

Whatever your age, whether 18 or 80, Semi Permanent Makeup can give you extra confidence knowing that you can look your best 24 hours a day.

What is the difference between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup can be called a number of things, including Semi Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing. The truth is they all refer to the same thing, there is no difference. The confusion usually comes between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup. The pigments are permanent and once they are implanted under the skin they will remain in the skin, the colour will never fully disappear.

However, over time and exposure to the elements, especially the sun, our skin cells break down causing the pigments to disperse, so as our skin cells are replaced, this results in the appearance of the pigments looking more faded. The rate that this takes place varies with each individual person, depending on several factors including their skin type, lifestyle and external factors like exposure to the elements, especially the sun and also aftercare of the Permanent Makeup.

This is the reason why a colour boost is recommended from time to time, to maintain the clarity and definition of your Permanent Makeup. Time between colour boosts varies according to the factors mentioned above.

Is Semi Permanent Makeup safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe, the risks are minimal, however this is an invasive procedure, therefore the related risks involved are possible allergic reaction, infection, scaring and incorrect pigment placement.

However, these risks are minimal as I adhere strictly to all of the Health and Safety guidelines. I use the highest quality hypo-allergenic pigments and it is extremely rare to hear of any allergic reactions to Semi Permanent Makeup. The highest standards of hygiene are met to prevent cross-infection, and the state of the art technology system delivers the pigment via single use sterile needle cartridges which are used for each client.

All of the pigments used are made up of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic properties. They are dermatologically safe and meet strict European medical standards.

They are trusted by technicians and surgeons throughout the world and Ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics.

Am I suitable for Semi Permanent Makeup? What ethnicities do you treat?

Most people are suitable for some form of Semi Permanent makeup.

Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for all ethnicities. I have an excellent understanding of skin analysis, skin tones and colour theory which enables me to carry out Semi Permanent Makeup procedures on almost any skin type.

How does semi permanent makeup differ from a tattoo?

Semi permanent make up does not go as deep into the skin as a tattoo does.

The equipment used is of finer quality for use on the sensitive areas of the face, and a topical anaesthetic is also applied, which makes the procedure more comfortable.

Will I still need to tweeze?

Yes, Semi Permanent Makeup will not interfere with your natural hair growth so you will still need to tweeze stray hairs. However, I would advise to avoid tweezing for approximately 5 days prior to the brow procedure, otherwise pigment can migrate into spots left by the plucked hair follicle.

Will I lose my natural brow hair by having the procedure?

No I will work with your natural brow hair, this way it enhances your natural look.

You do not need to pluck or shave hairs prior to the procedure. I recommend that you don’t pluck for at least 5 days prior to treatment so that the pigment doesn’t migrate into the hair follicle pores.

Before Treatment

Why is a consultation necessary beforehand?

This will give you an opportunity to meet me and discuss your expectations regarding your procedure and any features you may wish to correct or balance. We will discuss your wishes and what look you would like, and also what is realistic and what can be achieved. We will explore with you which treatments will best enhance your natural features and from this discussion I will be able to recommend the specific treatments that will best achieve the effect that you are looking for. The consultation is one to one as it is of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable with me and are able to ask any questions or discuss any worries you may have. You should never let someone tattoo your face that you are not comfortable with.

You will also be offered a patch test at this point to make sure that you are not allergic to the pigments or anaesthetics should you wish to go ahead with the treatment.

Who will carry out my consultation and procedure?

I will meet you at your consultation and personally guide you through your Semi Permanent Makeup journey every step of the way. It gives me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction in being able to work with you to help create the unique natural look that you want and ensuring 100% satisfaction from start to finish.

What training and qualifications in do you have in Semi Permanent Makeup?

I trained exclusively one to one with one of the UK’s most widely recognised leading Semi Permanent makeup artists. Award winner Katy Jobbins, founder and head trainer of The Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

Please have a look at my about me page and my portfolio for more information.

Do I have a choice of shape and colours?

Yes, the colours used are all individually mixed according to your personal requirements and skin type. The shape is drawn on and measured beforehand so you can see exactly what it will look like before any tattooing takes place. We will not start any treatment until you are totally happy with the chosen colour and shape. We work together on creating your desired look.

During Treatment

Does Semi Permanent Makeup hurt?

The procedure is performed with maximum comfort in mind.

Topical anaesthetics have been developed especially for Semi Permanent makeup procedures. These creams and gels are applied to the desired area before and during the procedure to minimise any discomfort and assure you of the most comfortable experience possible.

Most clients describe the sensation as a slight scratchy feeling that disappears as the anaesthetic does its job. Some clients experience an itchy or tickly sensation with runny nose at the start of the procedure, which disappears again once the anaesthetic starts to work.


How is the treatment carried out?

On the day of the treatment, your desired look will be discussed with you after assessing your skin tone, hair colour, and answering any questions you may have, and completing the medical history and treatment consent forms.

A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment area. We will then make the desired colour selection and once you are happy with the colour I will insert the pigment into the skin.

You should allow up to two hours for the procedure, this may vary from client to client.

A healing balm is then applied to the treated area to help protect it and you will be given an aftercare kit and instructions.

After Treatment

How long can I expect my Semi Permanent Makeup to last?

Semi Permanent Make up usually lasts between 1-2 years, which varies with each individual person, but depends on several factors, including your age, skin type, lifestyle, general health, if you are taking medication, and the main factor, exposure to external elements, especially UV rays from sun exposure or tanning beds. Over exposure to the sun will cause your Semi Permanent Makeup to fade more quickly, as the sun causes the skin cells to break down and disperse and so the pigments disperse with them. The darker colours usually tend to last longer than the lighter colours.

I always recommend using a high factor clear sun screen daily to help protect your Semi Permanent Makeup and ensure that the colour lasts for as long as possible. It is also important to follow the aftercare instructions especially during the healing period a week post procedure. This will ensure that your Semi Permanent makeup stays looking perfect for as long as possible.

I usually recommend a colour boost approximately every 1-2 years to maintain the clarity and definition of your Semi Permanent Makeup to keep it looking really fresh.

How long is the recovery after a Semi Permanent Makeup procedure?

Recovery time is minimal. You can carry on with your normal everyday life immediately. You will be given an aftercare kit and instructions to follow after your procedure and you can expect the colour to be 70% darker immediately after the procedure. You may also experience a slight minimal swelling especially on eyeliner procedures as the skin is very thin in this area. This will only last a day or two, then the exfoliation process will begin with the treated area flaking to reveal a lighter and more natural colour underneath which is less bold with a reduction in width as well as depth of colour.

In many cases the client may wish to go darker on their next top up appointment, but it is always best to go lighter on the first procedure, as it is easier to add more colour than to remove it.

What will it look like after the procedure?

Immediately after the treatment the colour will look 70% darker initially but will lighten down to the desired shade within 5-7 days. The healed colour is different from the colour that is initially placed into the skin.

Your Semi Permanent makeup will never be too dark for you because we test the colour on the skin first so you can see how it will look once it has healed.

We also err on the side of caution and intentionally apply the colour too lightly in the first session and then go slightly darker in the second. It is easier to add more colour than to take away.

How long do I have to wait after my initial treatment before my top up appointment?

You will have to wait a minimium of 6 weeks to allow the pigment to heal into the skin, but the follow up appointment should be done within a maximium of 12 weeks, so that we can perfect any uneveness or patches depending how well the pigment has healed minto the skin

What if I don’t like the results?

You need to allow time for the exfoliation process and healing to take place before you judge the outcome.

Also it is important to remember that the treatment is not complete until after the second procedure in six weeks after the first procedure. At this stage any colour or shape change can be adjusted and any patchy areas evened out.

It is not until this stage that we can see how the pigment has healed into the skin which varies from person to person in relation to varying factors.

I go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy with the colour and shape both before, during and after the procedure, and because of this I have not had a client who is not happy with the results of their Semi Permanent Makeup. We will work closely together to ensure that we achieve the look that you want.

This may not be the case with every technician however; there are a few cases where clients have had procedures done by other technicians that they are not happy with. The best thing to do is to tell your technician, you should be able to feel comfortable and confident to say that you are not happy with the result. However, if this is not the case then I am also able to offer advice and corrective help for any procedures that have been done elsewhere that have not turned out as the client had expected, as long as the result is not too drastic, in which case the only corrective option may be laser removal of the Semi Permanent Makeup.

Does it matter if I have Botox or fillers?

No it doesn’t matter if you have either of these. However, I would not perform a Semi Permanent Makeup procedure on someone who has had, or is going to have either of these within 6 weeks of the Botox or fillers as there is a risk of the Semi Permanent Makeup being placed in the wrong place as a result.

Health and Safety?

I am a fully qualified and insured Semi Permanent Makeup Specialist; my certificates are available for you to view.

I hold a registration certificate from the local council (Swale) following an inspection of my treatment premises, procedures and equipment. A copy of this is available to view on my website which indicates the byelaws related to carrying out Semi Permanent Makeup procedures.

I also hold a certificate for patient/client data handling and confidentially.

I strictly adhere to all of the guidelines and regulations that the department of health has issued in relation to cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation and Semi Permanent makeup, in order to ensure the health and safety of all my Semi Permanent Makeup clients.