Permanent Makeup



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Having semi permanent Lips can create beautiful shape and symmetry by:

  • defining the natural vermillion border
  • enhancing the shape
  • adding colour and volume to pale lips or receding liplines

Permanent lips is particularly useful for correcting any asymmetry in the lip area and eliminates the problem of lipstick ‘bleeding’ into the fine lines around the mouth.

Semi Permanent Lips

There are three types of semi permanent lip procedures available. Lip Liner, Lip Blush and Full Lip Colour.

These procedures define your natural lip line, enhancing their fullness and shape.

It also avoids lipstick smudging and having to reapply lippy after a meal, a glass of wine or even a kiss! Something to consider for the bride to be on her wedding day.

As we age our lips can lose their colour and natural vermillion border, giving the appearance of pale, thin and uneven lip line.

Our most popular lip treatment is the lip blush which defines the natural border but also gives a blush of colour to the middle of the lips.

Lip colours can be custom blended to match your favourite lipstick or just to enhance your natural lip colour or shape.

Semi Permanent Lip Liner

Lip liner will enhance the shape of your lips and give your natural lip line more definition.

It will help also help to redefine any unevenness or asymmetry.

It helps to stop lipstick from bleeding outside the natural border.

Lip liners alone have become less popular now but combined with a natural lip blush is one of our most popular procedures.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

This procedure not only gives the natural lip border definition, it also gives the 3D fuller lip definition look.

Your natural lip line is defined with liner to give them perfect shape and symmetry.

The colour is then blended into the middle of the lips being deeper at the outer edge and fading to a softer colour towards the middle of the lips.

Lip gloss can be applied to enhance the subtle colour for a natural daytime look, or you can add to the colour with your favourite lipstick for a more dramatic evening appearance.

Semi Permanent Full Lip Colour

Permanent lips is ideal if you want perfectly shaped lips and subtle colour evenly distributed over the lip area, with a minimum of effort to maintain using either lip gloss to enhance the colour or a deeper lipstick colour over the top for a bolder look.