Permanent Eyeliner


By Natural Definitions

permanent eyeliner - permanent makeup kent

Having permanent eyeliner will create a beautiful look by:

  • giving definition to the eye area
  • making the lashes look naturally thicker
  • enhancing the beauty of the eyes, giving a subtle natural but noticeable look

Permanent Eyeliner is the ultimate way to wake up with perfectly placed eye definition without time consuming makeup regiemes.

Eyeliner is probably the most difficult makeup for you to apply, trying to achieve a fine, even line on both eyelids requires a steady hand and good eye to avoid the heavy black smudged liner look.

This is extremely difficult if you have poor eyesight and need glasses to apply your makeup.

Permanent eyeliner will not only save you time and define your eyes; it will avoid the heavy smudged look of badly applied eyeliner.

There are three options of eyeliner available. You can have a very subtle lash enhancement, or a thin to medium eyeliner on either upper or lower lids or both upper and lower eyelids.

Thicker eyeliner may take a third session to achieve

Permanent eyeliner - Lash Enhancement

This procedure is ideal for anyone who doesn’t wear much makeup and wants a very subtle and natural definition to the eye area, especially those with allergies to conventional makeup or watery eyes.

A very fine line is placed along the lash line in blue-grey, charcoal-grey or soft black or browns to achieve your desired look.