Permanent Makeup



permanent eyebrows - tattooed eyebrows

Having permanent makeup eyebrows will give you a natural look by:

Permanent Eyebrows enhancements frame the face giving you a naturally defined younger looking face without the need for surgery. It is especially beneficial for those people suffering from the the effects of Alopecia or Chemotherapy which can renew their self esteem and boost their confidence.

  • using different techniques to create natural looking brows, either powdered brow effect, natural hair simulation or a combination of both
  • giving you a subtle brow lift to enhance the eye area
  • reshaping eyebrows that are too light, too thin or non-existent
  • adding hairs and definition to sparse areas and over plucked brows

Permanent makeup eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most predominant features that frame our face, enhancing our natural look and giving definition to our face. Whether soft and subtle or defined and stunning it is our eyebrows that give our face its character.

Beautifully shaped brows can be difficult to achieve for varying reasons, previous over plucking, sparse or lack of hair due to conditions such as Alopecia, Underactive Thyroid or hair loss as a result of Chemotherapy. Whatever the reason, ladies of all ages spend hours pencilling on their eyebrows, which can look uneven in shape and colour or even clown like. It can be especially difficult for those of us with poor vision, an unsteady hand or just lack of time.

There is also the difficulty of matching ordinary cosmetic brow makeup to your own natural hair colour and skin tone.

Permanent eyebrows are becoming increasingly more popular as there are so many positive attributes for us to benefit from. Permanent brows offer you the opportunity to have perfectly shaped natural looking brows, applied by a professional makeup artist that not only saves you precious time, but avoids the usual drawbacks of conventional makeup which can smudge, run or be wiped off. This gives you the added freedom of being able to go swimming, or to the gym or even getting caught in a downpour of rain without losing face and fear of being spotted without makeup, something a lot of us women dread!

Permanent brows can give you a more youthful appearance with nicely defined arches which can look like you’ve had a very subtle mini ‘eye lift’ but without having cosmetic surgery.

Permanent makeup eyebrows techniques

There are 3 types of permanent brows

  • Powdered brow definition – this gives a soft natural look
  • Powdered brows with simulated natural hair definition
  • Simulated Natural hair definition – this is mainly for clients with very little or no hair
permanent eyebrows - tattooed eyebrows

Permanent makeup eyebrows - Simulated Natural Hair Definition

Clients often choose simulated natural hair definition because they think this will give them the most natural look. This technique is useful in some cases when natural hair is completely absent, but i would like to point out the natural hair definition looks amazing immediately after treatment, but the healed result can look very different, as you can see from the pictures below. Whereas, the powdered definition brows will give you a more subtle and softer result.