Lip Procedure


creating your natural permanent lips

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Permanent Lip Procedure

This procedure is ideal for those who would like to enhance the look of their lips by shaping and defining their natural lip line, adding colour and volume without the need for botox or lip fillers.

It is also useful for correcting any natural asymmetry or uneven lip lines giving you beautifully shaped lips.

This treatment is also popular with the mature woman, as it restores receding lip lines and faded natural lip colour giving them a more defined and youthful appearance.

Lip Procedure - What to expect

The lip procedure follows a similar format to brows and liner.

  1. Starting with the Consultation and Patch Test where we will discuss how you would like to define and shape your lip line and enhance the fullness and colour, and check you have no reaction to the pigment or anaesthetic.
  2. It is a good idea to bring your conventional lipsticks along to the consultation with you so that I can match it as close as possible to your favourite colour.
  3. We can then draw on your lip line beforehand, correcting any asymmetry as required, so that you can see the exact shape and how your lips will look afterwards.
  4. Next we custom blend your colour to suit your skin tone, hair colour and of course the colour you would like to achieve.
  5. Once you are happy with your lip shape and colour we will apply the anaesthetic for maximum comfort during the procedure.
  6. We will the make you comfortable on the treatment couch relaxed and listening to some music while we implant the pigment.

Lip Procedure - Expectations

The lip procedure will give your lips a more defined shape, fuller appearance and enhanced colour, but the aim is to give you a natural look with a subtle blush of colour. Semi Permanent lips are not designed to give you a heavy lipstick look. If you are hoping to look as if you are permanently wearing bright red lipstick, then semi permanent lips may not be the best option for you.

Post Lip Procedure

Lips heal differently to the brow and liner procedures. It is more of a process, but you will be given an aftercare pack with balm to apply and instructions of how to look after your new lips and also what to expect during the healing process over the next few weeks.

Your treatment will not be complete until after your 6 week follow up, this is so that we can make any final adjustments to the shape or colour and correct any patches or unevenness, once we can see how the pigment has healed into your skin.

The lip colour will be much darker immediately after treatment. This will gradually lighten and the colour may disappear completely. DO NOT WORRY, this is a normal part of the process. The colour will gradually reappear over the next few weeks.

Lip Procedure - Follow up visit in 6 weeks

All semi permanent makeup procedures are completed in two sessions. It is a two-part procedure & is not complete until you have had your 6 week top up.


The uptake of pigment into the skin varies from person to person, depending on individual skin type. It is difficult to calculate this until after the first session when we can see how the pigment heals into the skin. The areas where the pigment has been rejected by the skin will appear ‘patchy’, but this can be corrected at the follow up visit and the colour evened out.


Any adjustments can be made at this stage to the colour by going lighter or darker, cooler or warmer. Also with eyebrows any adjustment to shape can also be made.


It is essential to return for the follow up visit, if you wish to complete your treatment and to achieve your top up visit should be no earlier than 6 weeks & no later than 12 weeks to achieve the best possible results for your semi Permanent Makeup.


Please remember that your aftercare instructions must be adhered to if you wish your Semi Permanent Makeup to last and stay looking its best for as long as possible.


semi permanent brows are now complete until you are due for a colour boost approximately between 12-18 months, which I would recommend to keep your semi permanent make up looking perfect.