Grey / Silver Eyebrows


by Natural Definitions

Grey / Silver Eyebrows - Permanent makeup kent

There is no reason why the mature woman with Grey / Silver Eyebrows can’t have beautiful, well defined, natural looking perfect semi permanent brows.

Your brows are an integral feature of your face, but as time passes your eyebrows can start to sag as the skin loses its elasticity and collagen. A correctly positioned and defined brow can be like having a mini facelift creating a more youthful appearance without having surgery.

The mature woman may find that as the years pass, not only does our hair lighten but our brows also, so it may be less appropriate to wear brows as we used to when younger.

A definite approach of “less is more” is recommended. As our hair lightens so should our brows, blending in with our natural features. It is important that your brows reflect the correct colour balance to match your skin tone and hair colour to create truly natural looking brows.

semi permanent makeup is the solution to this problem.

You can have natural looking well defined brows, matched to your exact hair colour and skin tone giving you beautiful bespoke symmetrical brows that will never smudge leaving you with a fresh and more youthful appearance.