Eyebrow Procedure


Creating your natural permanent eyebrows

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What to expect

1. Firstly you will have the opportunity to discuss your permanent eyebrow procedure and ask any questions that you may still have. We will also discuss shape and style at this point.


2. The shape or template of your new brows will be drawn on with a coloured pencil, so that you can see what the end result will look like. This is gradually wiped away during the procedure.


3. Any adjustment to shape or colour can be done together to achieve the desired result.


4. We will then discuss colour taking into account your natural skin tone and hair colour before deciding which colour pigments would be best suited for you. The pigments will be blended specifically for you and tested on your forehead, so you can see what the colour will look like at the end of the treatment, as well as the healed colour which will be 70% lighter.


5. Topical anaesthetic will then be applied to the brow area, to minimise any discomfort and you will be offered refreshments while you are waiting for the anaesthetic to work.


6. You may feel a slight scratchy sensation at first but this will disappear quite quickly as the anaesthetic begins to work


7.The procedure is then carried out and the pigment is implanted while you are lying down on a comfortable treatment couch listening to your favourite choice of music.


8. The treatment should take approximately 2 hours, which varies from client to client, so please make sure you allow enough time for your treatment so we can achieve the best result possible.


9. There is no reason if you feel comfortable and relaxed, why you can’t just drift off to sleep during the procedure. Natural Definitions is about the whole experience.


10. Final checks are made and any adjustments discussed with you before applying the aftercare balm at the end of the procedure.


Remember that your brow procedure will appear 70% darker at first, and will then fade to a much lighter colour. The colour may be patchy depending on how the pigment has healed into the skin which varies from client to client.

Follow up visit in 6 weeks

All permanent makeup procedures are completed in two sessions. It is a two-part procedure & is not complete until you have had your 6 week top up.


The uptake of pigment into the skin varies from person to person, depending on individual skin type. It is difficult to calculate this until after the first session when we can see how the pigment heals into the skin. The areas where the pigment has been rejected by the skin will appear ‘patchy’, but this can be corrected at the follow up visit and the colour evened out.


Any adjustments can be made at this stage to the colour by going lighter or darker, cooler or warmer. Also with eyebrows any adjustment to shape can also be made.


It is essential to return for the follow up visit, if you wish to complete your treatment and to achieve your top up visit should be no earlier than 6 weeks & no later than 12 weeks to achieve the best possible results for your Permanent Makeup.


Please remember that your aftercare instructions must be adhered to if you wish your Permanent Makeup to last and stay looking its best for as long as possible.


permanent brows are now complete until you are due for a colour boost approximately between 12-18 months, which I would recommend to keep your permanent make up looking perfect.