Permanent Makeup – Colour Theory

Colour Theory

kent semi permanent makeup colour wheel

Without this, Semi Permanent Makeup artists would be unable to blend correct pigments to suit the appropriate skin tones.

Each colour leans towards the next. It starts with primary colours and moves out to secondary then tertiary colours. Tertiary colours are a mixture of primary and secondary colours. The right hand side of the wheel shows cool colours and the left hand side shows the warm colours. In Semi Permanent Makeup we use the Tertiary colours. We use neutralisers to ensure the correct colour balance.

Conventional make up is applied onto the skin and covers the skin tone. Semi Permanent Makeup is applied under the skin so the final result is a combination of pigment and skin tone.

Your Semi Permanent Makeup artist should be able to make an assessment of your skin tone, balance and neutralise the colour where necessary. It is important to remember that the pigment colour implanted into the skin is not the same as the colour that will result in the healed skin. Your Semi Permanent Makeup artist should have a good understanding of colour theory and skin tone and will be able to access how a pigment colour is going to look once it is healed in the skin.