Permanent Makeup Colour Boost

by Natural Definitions

Why do we need a colour boost?

semi permanent makeup kent - lip colour boost

Permanent Make up usually lasts between 1-2 years, which varies with each individual person, but depends on several factors, including your age, skin type, lifestyle, general health, if you are taking medication, and the main factor, exposure to external elements, especially UV rays from sun exposure or tanning beds. Over exposure to the sun will cause your Semi Permanent Makeup to fade more quickly, as the sun causes the skin cells to break down and disperse and so the pigments disperse with them. The darker colours usually tend to last longer than the lighter colours.

I always recommend using a high factor clear sun screen daily to help protect your Semi Permanent Makeup and ensure that the colour lasts for as long as possible. It is also important to follow the aftercare instructions especially during the healing period a week post procedure. This will ensure that your Semi Permanent Makeup stays looking perfect for as long as possible.

I usually recommend a colour boost approximately every 1-2 years to maintain the clarity and definition of your Semi Permanent Makeup to keep it looking really fresh.