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Lisa Vickery – Media Journalist and Presenter for the BBC

Follow Lisa’s personal Permanent Makeup Journey with Natural Definitions

  • Starting from her initial consultation where we discus the look she would like


  • To drawing on the shape of her new brows


  • Followed by the eyebrow treatment procedure during which the brows are created


  • Then to the final result and a set of sensational new brows
permanent makeup by natural definitions

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permanent makeup by natural definitions

Let me introduce myself

About Natural Definitions Cherie - permanent makeup kent

Hi, I’m Cherie and I’m a permanent makeup specialist at Natural Definitions.

About Natural Definitions, I trained in permanent makeup, one to one with one of the UK’s most widely recognised leading permanent makeup artists. Award winner Katy Jobbins, founder, author and head trainer of The Permanent Makeup Academy.

I differ from other PMU specialists as I have been a health care professional for many years and set myself extremely high standards of excellence in both patient and client care.

I love working with people and providing a professional, individual and caring service.

I also have an artistic background and wanted to be able to incorporate and use my artistic flare alongside my medical and technical expertise, to create a unique piece of work that would make a positive difference to someone’s life by boosting confidence and inspiring a sense of wellbeing.

If you are interested and would like to know more about my journey as a permanent makeup artist or find out more information about the technical aspects of Permanent Cosmetics, please continue exploring the website.

I hope you will find the information useful, as well as the answers too many of your questions that you may have about Permanent Makeup.

Thank you for visiting the Natural Definitions Website.

If you have any other queries please contact Cherie at Natural Definitions, where I will be happy to answer any further questions or book a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss the natural unique look that you are looking for.

If you would like to know more about Cherie’s journey then

Here’s a little about my training and experience in the industry…

kent permanent makeup - Training

Permanent makeup is both a science and art form and every technician has a totally different skill set and level of training. It’s not just as simple as drawing a set of eyebrows and tattooing them on.

I personally trained 1 to 1 with Katy Jobbins, Multi Award winning, Industry Expert, Author, Founder, & Head Trainer of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy.

My study was broken down into 3 sections, these being Medical, Colour theory, & Technical.

Here is just a brief overview of the in-depth knowledge required to perform permanent makeup at a very high level:


  • Medical Conditions
  • Dermatology
  • Contra-indications
  • Allergy Testing
  • Consultations, Medical History, & Aftercare


  • Skin tones
  • Colour Theory, Permanent Makeup Pigments and Colour Mixing
  • Advanced Colour Correction


  • Legal requirements for Micropigmentation
  • Certificate of qualification in Permanent Makeup Training
  • Certificate of inspection and guidelines from local council, covering Health and Safety
  • Certificate of insurance or licence to carry out Permanent Makeup procedures
  • Sterilization and hygiene procedures
  • Machine management, Needle Configurations and Techniques
  • Pigmenting Guidelines for Brows, Eyes, Lips
  • Total Symmetry, Convex & Concave Faces
  • Pre Drawing & Measuring Eyebrows, Lips & Eyes
  • Natural Hair Simulation, Powdered Effect Eyebrows, Combination Effect Eyebrows
  • Lip Liner, Natural Lip Blush & Full Lip Colour
  • Eyelash Enhancement, Upper and Lower Eyeliner

Technology - My Permanent Makeup Machinery

kent permanent makeup - tattoo machine

The methods, equipment & pigments for performing permanent makeup tattooing and body art tattooing are completely different.

I use only the best permanent makeup equipment with a state of the art micro pigmentation digital power source, this is designed specifically for the face and not for body art tattooing guaranteeing clients a very soft and natural result.

The permanent makeup machine has a German engineered motor with a patented and trademarked HD needle system which means I can achieve maximum safety, optimum speed and total control.


The machine guarantee’s precise, efficient and consistent pigment implantation meaning minimal touch-ups required.

The machine is approved for worldwide permanent makeup insurance, the machine is approved by worldwide health authorities and complies with worldwide sterilisation guidelines.

The power of the machine means procedure time is reduced by up to 50% compared with the old fashioned rotary permanent makeup machines, less needle speed is required resulting in less trauma to the skin and less discomfort for you. You will therefore leave with no bleeding, no bruising, minimal (if any) swelling – just fabulous permanent makeup which will fade and heal into a natural colour within 4 or 5 days, not weeks or months.

The silicone gasket technology seals off the motor compartment completely which eliminates pigment and fluid back flow ensuring a smooth and safe result.

The machine is designed with microchip digital technology increasing procedure efficiency. The microchip regulates the speed guaranteeing the needle depth at any speed depositing pigment into the skin allowing for a quicker, safer, longer lasting and more beautiful permanent makeup procedure.

The needles used in the procedures are very fine & can be compared to acupuncture needles.