Do you feel self-conscious or vulnerable at the thought of going out without wearing any makeup?


Are you feeling fed up with the time and effort you spend daily, struggling to get your eyebrows, liner or lips looking even?

permanent makeup cherie

I help women feel more confident about the way they look,


spending less time faffing around applying conventional cosmetics,


through the use of very natural looking permanent makeup.

permanent makeup by natural definitions

“Nurture the natural beauty in you with


Permanent Makeup”

Permanent makeup Kent natural definitions
permanent makeup by natural definitions
Bronze award PMU 2019

If Permanent Makeup looks like it could be the perfect answer for you then:

I offer a unique individual service working together with you to create a natural look with permanent makeup.

One of the main concerns I often hear from my clients, is the worry that their permanent makeup might look too dark or heavy, so my aim is to create a very natural look that my clients feel comfortable with.

Brow clients often come back to me saying, they loved that people noticed there was something ‘different’ about them, but they didn’t necessarily notice it was ‘new brows’.

Although I specialise in permanent makeup, the work I do is not solely about beauty or just for attractive young women who like to wear makeup, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

For me it’s really all about helping you make the best of your natural features without having invasive procedures, and also restoring that ‘natural look’ that you may have lost for one reason or another, for example, whether from over plucking, hair loss conditions, or the effects of chemotherapy.

As a woman, when you know you look good and feel your best outwardly, you automatically feel better inwardly, which boosts your confidence, especially if you feel self- conscious about the way you look or being seen without makeup.

Imagine having professionally applied, natural looking permanent makeup that won’t ever run or smudge.

Giving you back the freedom and confidence to do any activity, whether swimming or working out at the gym, without ever having to worry about checking and re-applying your makeup.

Just think of the time and effort you would save too.

At Natural Definitions I can guarantee that you will always receive a really warm welcome, a professional yet personal experience, with your comfort, well-being and satisfaction being the top priority of my heart-centred service.

Whenever you feel ready, I look forward to taking the first steps and sharing your permanent makeup journey with you.

Kindest regards,

Love Cherie xx

To book a free no-obligation consultation, just call, text or email me on:

Tel: 01795 385 822

Mob: 07739 549 609


Silver award PMU 2020
permanent makeup by natural definitions

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permanent makeup by natural definitions

Permanent Makeup Treatments


Tattooed Eyebrows Kent

How would you like to have perfectly shaped eyebrows day and night? Saving valuable time spent on a daily makeup routine trying to pencil in patchy, sparse or over plucked brows. No more worry about your makeup smudging or rubbing off.

Prices range from:

£350 – £495


Tattooed Eyeliner Kent

Do you find eyeliner difficult to apply of suffer with allergies to conventional makeup? Imagine having professionally applied perfect looking eyeliner and being able to work out at the gym or swim without fear of your eyeliner running.

Prices range from:

£295 – £450


Tattooed Lips Kent

Would you like fuller and beautifully shaped lips without having botox or fillers? Do you feel your lips are too thin or uneven, or you find it difficult to keep lipstick on. Permanent lips can even out any asymmetry, restore lost definition and improve your natural lip contour.

Prices range from:

£250 – £450

permanent makeup by natural definitions

Watch the video below to see what you can expect when you have permanent makeup with Cherie at Natural Definitions.

Lisa Vickery – Media Journalist and Presenter for the BBC

Follow Lisa’s personal Permanent Makeup Journey with Natural Definitions

  • Starting from her initial consultation where we discus the look she would like
  • To drawing on the shape of her new brows
  • Followed by the eyebrow treatment procedure during which the brows are created
  • Then to the final result and a set of sensational new brows
permanent makeup by natural definitions

Take a look at some testimonials from clients who have had Permanent Makeup at Natural Definitions.



Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Ria
Video testimonial from Ria after having her eyebrow treatment at Natural Definitions

Lisa Vickery


Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Lisa
She is fantastic & very considerate of nervous clients! x



Semi permanent makeup kent - testimonial from Angela
Video testimonial from Angela after having her eyebrow treatment at Natural Definitions

Many of these clients had similar anxieties before their first treatment and they can give you an insight into their own experiences with some honest feedback.


For more Testimonials please click here to go to the Testimonials Page

permanent makeup by natural definitions

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Semi Permanent makeup tattoo kent - Permanent or semi permanent
permanent makeup by natural definitions